Australian Apiculture Conference

Australian Apiculture Conference

In November, Yan shared the wisdom of the bees globally giving an online presentation at the Australian Apiculture Conference. Here he discussed ancient Balinese apitherapy which his ancestors practiced thousands of years ago. Yan explained the best benefits of keeping bees is apitherapy rather than the honey and pollination. Apitherapy refers to the bee hive aroma therapy, bee sound healing therapy and also bee venom therapy which was obtained accidentally when people were stung by bees during the harvest. The benefits of Apitherapy are at its most potent when people live with bees, so the smell and sound of the bee and the hive is part of daily life.

Yan’s ancestor’s harvested bee brood monthly during full moon. They harvested the bee brood for the protein source of their family. They usually harvest one or two brood combs every month. Some people even ate the brood comb raw enjoying the benefits of the honey, bee pollen, larvae, pupa, worker jelly, royal jelly and beeswax. They even ate the bee venom from almost hatched bees.

Yan also spoke on the health benefit of living with bees and shared his family’s experience as a brilliant and proven example of the incredible healing capacity of bees. Yan and his family used to be regulars at the doctor’s surgery but since living with bees, they have not visited the doctor in over seven years.

‘My house was like a big pharmacy before I began living with bees, now my family never consumes chemical drugs and I don’t have one single medicine in my house’, Yan shared. The bees have helped heal his immediate family of many health issues: his son asthma; his wife bronchitis; his mother shingles; his father diabetes and Yan’s issues with gastritis. Yan believes that children who grow up alongside bees will have a deeper and closer connection to nature and will enjoy greater health and vitality.

Yan : ‘These children will never forget that we are a part of a greater eco-system and all are connected.

Most people turn to apitherapy to heal health problems when nothing else is working, Apitherapy is good for healing, but I think it is much better if we use Apitherapy for prevention.

I feel it is time that we focused on Living a Lifestyle that generates and maintains health and well-being for the sake of humanity and our planet. ‘

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