Yan’s Bee Breeding Invention

Yan’s Bee Breeding Invention

Spring Equinox invites new life and new ideas and with this, Yan has been busy inventing an innovative bee breeding method.

The idea struck whilst Yan was splitting a hive. Splitting the hive creates another bee colony and is an effective way to breed bees. However, many of these endeavors were failing making Yan determined to invent an effective split system with a high success rate.

This invention is important to support a healthy bee population. Bees are facing many problems here in Bali. Almost 95% of hotels and villas in Bali hire pest control to eradicate bees on their property. Some local people use mosquito spray to kill swarming bees near their home. Or they call the fire brigade to kill these bees. Farmers also kill bees by spraying their farm with insecticide and pesticide. Mosquito fogging, a common practice in Bali, also kills bees. Whilst arak and palm sugar producers kill bees, by using a very powerful insecticide called Regent, because bees eat all of their palm sap.

Yan continues to improve this method and hopes in 1-2months he will have a system which allows 100% success rate when splitting the hive. Yan hopes his invention can rebalance the deaths of these bee colony’s.

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