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Environmental Education – Bee AVATAR

The hive is a suggestive structure for harmony among humans inciting us to evolve collectively and operate in a fluid community. Thus, it is a vital source of information inspiring us to work together peacefully. The bee’s sweethearts remind us we too have honey inside of us, this liquid light we can externalise when we collaborate for the well-being of all. 

This is the fundamental principle of our education program combined with practical information on how essential bees are to our eco-systems and how to create healthy habitats for the bees to live in. Once we open our minds and hearts to the innate wisdom of the bee and our surrounding nature, we naturally shift into a state of being that benefits the well-being of our entire planet.  

Introducing bees to school students

Our Bee AVATAR education programmes are inclusive and wholistic supporting you to become more loving, conscious human beings. Our programmes cater to all people with a particular emphasis on children (of all ages) and landowners (farmers, gardeners, hotel owners etc.) We intend to expand the bee-state of being so their wellbeing is included in our environmental policies. 

Essentially, we demonstrate how easy and fun it is to make prosperous environments for the bees and how this symbiotically benefits our planet.

Are you ready for the bees to show you the way into a new reality no longer governed by separation or polarity?
If the answer is, ‘Yes!’, join our bee-led community and let’s collaborate!