World Bee Day 2022 – Bee engaged: Build Back Better for Bees

World Bee Day 2022 – Bee engaged: Build Back Better for Bees

Let’s celebrate the fifty World Bee Day 2022. This year’s theme is “Bee engaged: Build Back Better for Bees”. In December 2017, the United Nations (UN) approved this day and the First World Bee Day was celebrated on Sunday, 20 May 2018.

By this theme, The United Nations focused on the threats of protection posed by COVID-19 to bees and other pollinators.UN also urged bee-keeping awareness and the importance of bee-derived products. This Theme of Bee Day 2022 provides a direction for all the celebrations of  World Bee Day 2022.

BeeLife Global celebrates this year’s world bee day and invites you and your community to join us. Together we protect and give protection to bees, other pollinators, and their habitats.

Some fun activities, we will do on the celebration day below:

  • Get to know about us BeeLife Global
  • Presentation by the Balinese Bee Expert and the BeeLife Global
    • Fun fact about bees
    • Apitherapy – Healthy benefits of living with bees
    • Awareness and threats facing our bees community

Everyone is welcome to join, the event will be taken place in Dragonfly Village Café