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‘Api’ derives from the Greek word, ‘bee’, and the traditional definition of ‘apiculture’, is the maintenance of bees in man-made hives by humans for the consumption of their bee products. However, Bee Life is reinstating the term ApiCulture whereby we are no longer utilising the bee for what they produce but rather invite them to assist us in creating a new culture based on love, harmony, authentic connection, and integrity; the foundation for New Earth.

Our Foundational ApiCulture Values :

Through our physical bee installations, you will experience the powerful harmonising qualities of the bee. Here you are invited into deep relaxation and rejuvenation all powered by the pulse of the bee. Simply by watching, listening and smelling, the bees hum us back into our hearts, welcoming us into the present moment, to be here now.

Bee Sound Healing

Until you have experienced it personally it is hard to fathom the profound calming effect of the bee hum. Like a soft blanket, the sound comfortingly wraps around you; the frequency resonating with our organic tissue promoting healing. Not only do these vibrations harmonise your heart but they simultaneously soothe and stimulate the brain. The vibrations target the brain’s glandular system: the pineal gland, hypothalamus and amygdala begin to work more effectively. On a physical level nutrients are circulated and toxins are removed from the brain.

Bee Hive Aromatherapy

The bee hum combined with the scent of their hive activates our parasympathetic nervous system bringing us into a softening meditative state where true healing happens. The hive respires a potent energetic charge which boosts the immune system due to its anti-microbial and anti-fungal activity. Inhaling the bees etheric substances reduces stress, supports the respiratory system and improves psychophysical wellbeing dispelling ailments such as depression, anxiety, migraines, insomnia, rheumatism and much more.

Bee Venom Therapy 

At ApiCulture we only work with dying bees in our bee venom therapy. This treatment consistently reduces disease and chronic pain symptoms by stimulating the body’s immune system; supporting the body into healing itself. Once stung, the body sends large amounts of blood to that area concentrating the healing properties within the blood around the sting site. Stinging therapy empowers the body to heal itself without becoming dependent on external medicine. The body utilises its inner healing forces to strengthen and revitalise itself; this has a lasting effect. 

Bee Products 

At our ApiCulture Sanctuary tools and information can be purchased to assist you in deepening your relationship with the bees and empower you to provide healthy environments for them.