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Discover the Gifts of Living with Bees

Support our Planet’s Bee Population, Change your Life, and Change our World.

We currently offer two modes of Installations to anchor the Bee Frequency:

Option One: Hives

Traditional Balinese beehives made out of coconut shells wrapped with palm tree fiber; quantity depends on request. These hives encourage the bees to build as they would in the wild where they construct their combs in deep, catenary curves. These hives can be arranged into constellations creating energy vortex’s to consciously magnetize desired energy and amplify positive qualities in your business, school or home. They are easily hung in trees or stationed on existing structures.  We support the integration of the Bee into your project or business for a mutually beneficial exchange.

Option Two: Bee Meditation Domes

Hexagonal meditation domes with built in bee hives; quantity depends on request. The Meditation Dome is the first of its kind: innovative, nature informed and made with natural materials. It’s beauty reflects the womb-like nature of the hive and its sacred essence providing the meditators with an immersive experience that is transformative physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. These domes are healing havens of Bee vibration, scent and sound offering a secure, comfortable and peaceful sanctuary for people to receive the medicinal benefits of the Bee whilst they rest in meditation.  The dome is modular with the hives elegantly built into the walls ensuring they are easy to install and can be implemented worldwide. The design of this dome is currently underway.


Bee Life Global offers various training and educational activities to learn more about bees and the intricacies and health benefits of living with them. Our mentor Yan Bali has vast experience in all bee matters.

Private Environmental Education Seminars

Yan shares his knowledge and expertise in keeping bees through his life experience. The topic of the presentation includes fun facts about bees, the importance of bees for the planet, bee apiculture, the unexpected benefit of keeping bees, how to live in harmony with the bees, and the threats to the bees.

  • Introduction to Bee Keeping and Apitherapy
  • Basic Bee Keeping Presentation
  • Intermediate Bee Keeping Presentation
  • Advance Bee Keeping Presentation

Recommended Donation: IDR 500,000 per person

Living with Bees Indoor-Garden Bee Hive | 2-3 hours 

Yan will bring your bees and hive introducing you to what living with bees involves. Finding the perfect location and familiarizing you with your extended family

Recommended Donation: IDR 900,000

Bee Hive Removal

Yan is an expert in relocating bees from one place to another. Removal and relocation of Bees in a gentle way and making sure that the bees are happy is our main purpose.

Recommended Donation: IDR 500,000

Bee Pollinator Friendly Plants

We have a list of plants and flowers that you may grow in your garden to support your bee family. Some plants only grow in certain seasons therefore knowing the type of plants will ensure sustainable nectar and pollen for the bees all year around.

Recommended Donation: IDR 100,000

Transportation costs per kilometer apply according to Gojek / Grab cost

Contact Yan for all inquiries!