Yan Bali

Founder & Operations Manager

In 2014, Yan quit his job in the hotel industry to care for his six-year-old son. His numerous business plans failed to flourish but whilst walking in the wild he found two hives belonging to the stingless bee. Intending to sell their honey, Yan took them home. However, as he got to know the bees, Yan experienced the bees incredible healing capacity in their sound and scent alone. He witnessed lifelong illnesses in himself and his family vanishing solely from living in close quarters with the bees.

After a year and a half, the two hives of stingless bees had expanded to fifty but by the second year, they all perished. Yan was living in the city which made it harder for the bees to produce honey. Plus, the heat caused their nests of propolis to melt. However, Yan was now confident enough to begin his work with the honey bee. Thus, he was initiated into venom therapy enriching Yan’s experience of the bees: how their healing frequency repairs diseases and promotes soul and emotional restoration.

 Yan, known as the ‘Bali Bee Man’, has dedicated his life to restoring the relationship between humans and bees. Every rainy season he spreads seeds in his local area to feed the bees and people call him to make bee removals. Yan sowed the initial seed of BeeLife by sharing the essential nature of bees with his community in schools, universities; with farmers and expatriates. Yan’s dedication to collaborating with bees is infectious and inspiring. His media work online and on TV continues to spread the bee’s message encouraging people to support the presence of bees on this planet. 

Before Yan had beehives in his home, his family was regularly and severely sick but now they never need to visit the doctor despite seldom consuming the bee products. 

Throughout his life, Yan suffered from gastritis, coughs, influenza, and fever up to four times each year for most of his life. It was so severe Yan believed he was cursed. Yet, after the first year of keeping bees, he never experienced these illnesses again. Similarly, bronchitis his wife regularly suffered disappeared. Likewise, his son who was only five years old when Yan bought the bees home, had terrible asthma but this too ceased. 

Yan used the bee stings to heal ten years of tennis wrist and twenty-five years of cervical root syndrome in his neck which no traditional doctor could heal. The pains left immediately and Yan noticed how much stronger his body was becoming in the presence of the bees. His wounds healed faster and his wife even used micro stinging to smooth facial wrinkles. His son, grew up playing with the bees. Unafraid, he covers his hand in honey placing it into the hive to invite the bees to coat his hand like a glove.

Yan’s mother now uses the bee stings regularly to ease the pain of postherpetic neuralgia. Without bee therapy, the intensity of the pain prevents sleep. Due to the bees, his father is no longer Diabetic.

Quickly, people outside of Yan’s family started to seek him out for healing physical and emotional disorders. A local Balinese man with HIV increased his CD4 (immune system count) from 26 to 150 in only two months. After a month Yan gifted him a beehive empowering him to work with the bee therapy independently.